This is Water

Roam on Sundays XI

Tax Advice From David Foster Wallace - Bloomberg

Hey guys,

This week’s subject is David Foster Wallace’s famous speech “This is Water”. I had never watched it before, and now I immediately realize why he is so lauded. He uses vivid, descriptive language and has a strong command of his words, so I recommend everyone watch it if you haven’t already.

The notes I took are available in full on [[Roam Research]].


  • Question your axiomatic beliefs

  • There is no such thing as atheism

    • We all worship

      • What you worship will consume you

        • If you worship money, you will always feel poor

        • If you worship beauty, you will always feel ugly

        • If you worship power, you will always feel weak

        • If you worship intellect, you will always feel stupid

  • Be mindful, disciplined, and pay attention in everyday affairs that you would normally consider banal

    • You can find beauty in anything

  • Remember that everybody believes they are at the centre of the universe