Dancing With Systems

Roam on Sundays X

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend.

Here is last week’s Zoom on YouTube, where we talked about Donella Meadows’ essay Leverage Points. And this week’s essay is a continuation of her exploration with complex systems: Dancing With Systems.

Zoom on Mondays, as I’m now calling it, will take place tomorrow 8 pm Eastern right here, and if you want to add it to your Google Calendar, you can too.

My learnings are below, and, as always, the full notes are on [[Roam Research]].


Build the future, don't try and predict it

Value what's come before you

Test your mental models against reality

Trust your intuition more and your rational self less

Learn by trial and error

Information must be timely, accurate, and complete

You should have skin in the game

Think long term, always

Follow it, wherever it leads you

When engaged in anything, be alert, focussed, participate intensely, and respond to feedback

Allow yourself to be fooled by randomness

Shine light on the good, bury the bad